Gentleman Jim's Pest Control
--Carpenter Ants: These large black and red ants like to nest in trees and attics. They don't eat wood, but can chew it, especially if the wood has become wet.
--Ghost Ants: Very small ants that are a big annoyance in South Florida. Also known as "sweet ants" or "sugar ants", they can be commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.
--White-Footed Ants: Though they are black, these ants are called white footed because their legs are light colored. Originally from Japan, these ants have huge colonies and may be seen trailing the entire exterior of a home.
--Big Headed Ants: So named because one group of workers has an extremely large head. They love to build small mounds between pavers and along driveways. Will bring sand or dirt into a home to establish colonies.
--Crazy Ants: Black ants that move very fast, and not always in a straight line. Medium sized. Sometimes confused with white footed ants.
--Pharoah ants are similar in size to ghost ants, but with a more distinctive yellow to brown color. They move much slower than ghost ants and prefer protein meals over sweets.
--Fire Ants are usually found in the yard, and come in huge colonies. Though they can bite, they are known for their painful, venomous sting. Similar to bees, people may be allergic to fire ant venom and have serious reactions to it.