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--Flies, Gnats and Mosquitoes
Drain Flies
Fruit Flies
House Flies
Crane Fly
**There are many different types of flies and gnats in South Florida. Some are more trouble than others. Identification is important.
--Mosquitoes and gnats can be found in large numbers around homes. Control is difficult. There are products, services, and even backyard machines for sale to control these insects. At this time, Gentleman Jim's only offers treatment for current customers.
--Drain flies are identified by their large round wings. So named because they lay eggs in the leftover gunk found in plumbing pipes. If you see these in the home check sinks, bathrooms, laundry areas etc..
--House flies are normally just a rare annoyance. However, a sudden appearance of a large number of flies in the home may indicate that an animal has died, probably in the attic.
--Crane fly: This large fly is sometimes mistaken for a "giant mosquito". But it doesn't bite, and is really quite
--Fruit flies are known for their large orange eyes. They will infest rotting fruit readily and in large numbers. If you have fruit trees in your yard, it's a good idea to pick up fallen fruit before it rots.