Gentleman Jim's Pest Control
Mud Tubes
**Unfortunately, Gentleman Jim's does not provide any termite service. Identification is important though, so here is some basic information
--Drywood termites are very common in South Florida. When you see a house being "tented", this is what it's for. So named because they get their moisture from the wood they infest, they need no contact with the ground and often infest attics, eaves, etc..leaving behind their telltale droppings
--Subterranean termites are so-called because they will nest underground and infest a home from there. They have larger colonies than drywoods, do more damage and require treatment of the soil around the house. They will often build "mud tubes" as protection when travelling above ground.
--Formosan termites are named for the island of Formosa (now Taiwan). They are extremely aggressive, and come in large colonies. Though subterranean, they can also build "carton" nests to survive above ground. Because of this, treatments can be quite expensive.
--Dampwood termites are very large. Despite this, they have small colonies and are rarely a household problem. They can be found mostly in the stumps of large, pruned tree branches.