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Ant Lions
Ground Wasps
**Here's a small sample of creatures that aren't your everyday ant or roach. You may have seen some around your home without even knowing what they were.
--Ant Lions: Ever see small pits of sand around the outside of your home? Well, they are not ants. They're called ant lions. As adults they resemble a small dragonfly. In their larval stage, they live underground, dig a small sandy pit and wait for other bugs to fall in.
--Ground Wasps are another insect confused with ants. Usually solitary, this wasp build its nest in the ground to lay eggs, and this resembles an ant hill. A good way to tell if it's a wasp or ant nest is to check for activity. Ants usally come and go often, but a wasp nest will have little activity.
--Bagworms: Often seen on garage walls, outside walls, or hanging from eaves, bagworms are a type of moth. During this stage, they spin a cocoon and carry it with them.
Antlion Adult
Ground Wasp