--Product pests
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Meal Moths
**As a group these insects are referred to as product pests, grain pests, pantry pests, or stored product pests
--They all exhibit similar habits. Infesting food products and then spreading into the home.
--For the most part, the food is already infested from the store, and then is brought into the home. Rarely do infestations start from the outside. "Sealing" foods will not prevent these pests as they hatch from the inside of the package. However, this may decrease further infestation.
--They will infest all types of grains. Rice, flour, oats, should all be checked. Anything made with grains, such as cereals, crackers, oatmeal, and pasta can be a source. Pet foods and treats are also  commonly infested. They can be found in old tobacco products, potpourri, and even spices
--A service is not normally required, but it's a good idea to clean out the pantry once in a while.