Gentleman Jim's Pest Control
--"Palmetto Bugs": Yes, it's a roach. This nickname can be applied to most any large roach in South Florida, but most often it's given to the American coackroach. Large, up to two inches, they can fly, live for over a year and regularly invade homes.
--German Roach: Smaller and faster, these roaches are known for their ability to quickly multiply. They are rarely seen outside and are carried from structure to structure, producing rapid infestation.
--Surinam Roach: Not much of a problem, these roaches are found outdoors. They like to hide under rocks, railroad ties, potted plants etc...With a gold body and black head they are distinguishable from American roaches.
--Florida Woods Roach: Similar to the Surinam roach, this roach likes the outdoors. It's a large roach with short wings, but is not a big home invader.
--Water Bugs: Sometimes confused with palmetto bugs, these are pond living insects. They are large and may be seen during mating season, when they take flight and travel from pond to pond. Be careful, their bite is painful.
Water Bug