Gentleman Jim's Pest Control
--Roof Rats: Roof rats are very common in South Florida. They have long, slender bodies and long tails. They love to nest in attics, where females can have litters of up to eight young.
Roof Rat
Norway Rat
House Mouse
Gambian Pouch Rat
--Norway Rats: Norway rats are shorter and stockier than roof rats, and larger in size. They tend to nest in the ground or near water sources such as canals or lakes.
--House Mouse: There are several types of mice in Florida. Cotton mouse, Oldfield mouse and Florida mouse. Mice are very small, weighing an ounce or less. Baby rats are sometimes confused with mice. Mice are ground dwellers with a varied diet, but they can breed very fast, so infestations should be dealt with promptly.
--Gambian Pouch Rats: Unfortunately for us residents, South Florida seems to be a magnet for invasive species. These Pouch Rats are native to Africa, but somehow have invaded the Florida Keys. They are very large, up to three feet long, and can weigh up to 15 pounds. No reports of them making it to the mainland, but only time will tell.