Gentleman Jim's Pest Control
Spiny orb weaver
Jumping Spider
Golden Silk
Black Widow
--Spiny Orb Weaver: Virtually anyone in South Florida that has a screened enclosure knows these spiders well. They have a crab like appearance and large webs. While they can bite, they are not poisonous. Control is possible, but rarely permanent.
Long Legs
--Jumping Spiders: Having great eyesight, these spiders do not catch prey in webs. They simply sneak up and "jump" on insects. Commonly found around eaves and exterior lights, they seldom intrude into homes.
--Golden Silk: These are very large spiders. Commonly found in backyards, they are mostly a nuisance due to their very large and sticky webs which people walk into. As big as a hand, they are powerful enough to trap and kill wasps. They will only bite if handled. The females dwarf the males.
--Daddy Long Legs: Though this is a big spider, it's body is quite small compared to it's long legs. Mostly found in garages and crawl spaces, they are a common house pest. Tough their venom is toxic, they lack the ability to penetrate human skin and are harmless.
--Black Widows: There are widow spiders in South Florida. Black, red, and brown widows are all in Florida. They are small and venomous. If bitten, seek medical attention. They tend to hide in undisturbed areas such as sheds.