Gentleman Jim's Pest Control
--Service with a smile!
"I've had Jim ever since 1992.... I wouldn't have anyone else in my home...He is a trustworthy person, reliable and neat and orderly in his caring for my home while he's doing his upmost to keep my home free from little critters...Thank you Jim....I appreciate all your do for your customers"  --- Gloria LeGette, Boca Raton
I have been utilizing the services of "Gentleman Jim's Exterminating" since 1999, the year he started doing business.   Let me begin by saying that the business name suits Jim perfectly.   Jim's a gentleman to the core.  Another wonderful atribute is that he is always on time...............and I stress the word always.   As for his exterminating, it is A1...he always fixes whatever bug etc. problem you may have..  Whatever magic potion he uses, it always works... I highly recommend you give him a try.   I have had many exterminating services since I arrived over 20 years ago in Florida.  No service compares to Gentleman Jim. ---Sincerely,   Irene , Tamarac resident
I am a very grateful customer for over 10 years. Gentleman Jim is very punctual, polite and always brings results. Sometimes he would go above and beyond to solve a particular problem, i.e. occasional rodent in the attic or a bee colony in the back yard. It is an annual service but he would come as many times during the year, as you might need him. Great service for a reasonable price. We have tried Orkin and Terminix in the past. Gentleman Jim’s Pest control is by all means superior.--Stanka  Moskov