Serving Broward for over 20 years. 

Quick, reliable, knowledgeable.

Safe for pets and kids


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This guy is terrific. I'd recommend him to the world.--Marla P.

We have tried Orkin and Terminix. Gentleman Jim's Pest Control is by all means superior.--Stanka M.

Jim has been our exterminator for over 10 years now. We recommend him highly.--Dave W.

I am extremely happy with Jim. He not only does a wonderful job, but when I call him with a problem he comes promptly to take care of it. He's the best. --Sheila O


We've been calling Jim our "bug guy" for over 19 years. We wouldn't be comfortable using any other service.--Dave S.

Have had Jim taking care of our house for 13 years. He does a fantastic job. I highly recommend him.--Cindy B.

We've been using Gentleman Jim for years, ever since my mom gave him her recommendation. And, if my mom was pleased with the work someone did, you know it had to be first rate. She was right once again.--Mike R.